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The course has been of value to students and sponsors all over the world either to advance them or the person their are sponsoring in the industry or to help them join the industry. Here are some of their comments to give you a flavour of what to expect.

Lorna Radford MSci

Managing Director, Enkos Developments Ltd

“I enrolled on the SCS Distance Learning Course roughly one year after joining the personal care industry. I already had an MSci qualification from university but I wanted a course that helped me more directly with my job as a cosmetic scientist. The SCS course has a wealth of information and I find that even now, several years after completing the course, I find myself referring back to knowledge that I learned from the SCS course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to learn more about fundamental cosmetic science, how to formulate personal care products and the various tests and regulations that go with product development.”

Moulay Mustapha El Idrissi Maaroufi

Naturom Sarl, Morocco

“Receiving the SCS Diploma coronates my ten years in the industry. This course had given me the scientific depth I lacked in my work. My experience and knowledge have now taken a new dimension.”

Amna Khatun

Research Chemist, Ashland Speciality Chemicals

“The SCS Distance Learning Courise is the A to Z of cosmetic science.  From feasibility to product launch; it provides all the guidance and skill sets needed for a cosmetic organisation.”

Paul McGreevy

Values and R&D Director, The Body Shop PLC

“I have found the SCS Distance Learning Course to be one of the most rounded and well structured courses available to those in the cosmetics and toiletries industry.  It allows individuals to see end to end development concepts from the cradle to the grave and allows them to see how other areas of industry operates.”

Glenn Moran

Analytical Chemist, CPL Aromas Ltd

“I would highly recommend this course to anybody with an interest in developing their career within the cosmetics industry.  The content is interesting, challenging, incredibly varied and it is of relevance to a wide number of roles within the industry.”

Verity Clawson

Senior R&D Associate, Reckitt Benckiser UK

“The course gave me valuable insights into types of cosmetics I previously had not come across through my work, for example hair care and decorative cosmetics. The units and coursework were challenging yet very enjoyable to complete, particularly the ‘at home’ experiments and the Summer School.”

Paul Yates

Development Controller, Robert McBride Limited

“Over the past 15 years, the SCS Distance Learning Course has provided many of our formulation team with a structured introduction to the principles of Cosmetic Science and has consistently proved to be a positive enabler to the participants’ further advancement within our organisation.”

Miriam Byrne

Research & Development, Oriflame Ltd

“I found the course to be an enjoyable experience, it was self motivating yet challenging at time.  It provided me with a greater in-depth knowledge with regards to cosmetics and also an insight into the cosmetic industry worldwide.”

Akeem Fakunle

Caring Chemistry, Nigeria

“I personally found the course enlightening. Someone might not believe that before this course I used many raw materials without fully knowing thier functions and how to manipulate them to suit my desired purposes. The course is arduous but for someone who wants to pass do not allow the units to pile up because I am afraid a crash program can not help out.”

Matt Stone

Global QA Manager, Claire's Accessories

“I really enjoyed the course and thought the breadth and depth of material covered was excellent. I found this to be a thoroughly useful course.”


Co Valence, Arizona

“I am the Product Development Director for a private label manufacturer in the United States, and found the Cosmetic Chemistry course to be both challenging and extremely beneficial for my career.”

Robin Parker

Technical Director, Acheson & Acheson

“Acheson & Acheson have supported the SCS Distance Learning Course for a number of years and have seen huge benefits as a result. We are a small company and take pride in the fact that many of our staff have been with us for several years growing through the organisation into senior positions.”

David Allan

EU R&D Director, Alberto-Culver Company (UK) Ltd, Basingstoke

“From the SCS Distance Learning Course you learn about all aspects of the Cosmetics Industry and see how different departments work & interact from idea generation to commercialisation & beyond. The course gives a full insight into the industry and will certainly help to shape future career development.”

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