SCS Policy

The Society welcomes all applications to enrol onto the course.  Acceptance/enrolment onto the course is decided by the SCS Education Committee and suitability is decided depending on the pre-requisites which have been set by the Society and can be seen here.  Supporting information may also be required.  However, the following also applies:

Acceptance onto the course is at the sole discretion of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists and their decision is final.  If the Society believes, in its judgement, that there is a conflict of interest or if there is any reason to question the legitimacy or integrity of an application/applicant, or if an applicant is an employee or family member of a competitor or if there is any reason that the Society believes the course/course material/Intellectual Property is or could potentially be at risk whatsoever, the Society of Cosmetic Scientists reserves the right to decline the application and/or remove a student from the course with immediate effect, notwithstanding the course criteria having been met.  For further information, please see the Society’s Terms and Conditions.

We do not ask to see proof of qualifications and take your application form on trust that you have gained the qualifications described in your application form.  However, random checks of student qualifications are undertaken by the Society on a regular basis and if it is found that there is any reason to doubt the integrity of a student, the Society reserves the right to remove the student from the course without refund of any fees paid, with immediate effect.